Getting an elderly relative out of a nursing home can be difficult. The costs can be prohibitive, and the level of care is often substandard, not to mention stressful for family members. According to, the average stay for a nursing home in California is around $8,000 a month, while assisted living centers cost around $4,000 per month.

Demand for nursing homes, retirement communities, and assisted living construction is expected to skyrocket over the next two decades as baby boomers retire and the prevalence of progressive diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease rises.

With social isolation being an increasingly prevalent issue among seniors, it’s no surprise that senior homes, where residents sometimes live for decades, are growing in popularity. Yet, senior living may not always be the best thing for everyone. You may love the idea of an aging parent living at home, but the realities of caring for an elderly parent are often more difficult to handle than you may have anticipated. Issues with family conflict, lack of motivation, financial concerns, and time constraints may all contribute to your parent’s inability to function at home or with family. If your parent can no longer care for themselves or your home, it may be time to look into other options, such as assisted living.

How To Get Old Family Members from Elderly Homes?

Getting your elderly family members out of an elderly facility and back into their homes can be a really hard task, especially since many families don’t have a plan for how to care for a loved one who can no longer live on their own. And according to AARP, the average cost of a nursing home in the United States is more than $80,000 a year.

When loved ones reach their golden years, family tends to gather around them and offer support to help transform their day-to-day lives. Many older people can live independently and without long-term care in most households but may suffer from illness or injury that requires the assistance of loved ones or at the least the help of in-home caregivers who can offer Senior Care Services in Bethlehem, PA or similar locations.

Why send your Old Family Members from Elderly Homes?

Have you ever wondered why some older adults send their family members to elderly homes instead of living by themselves in their own homes? For many of us, home is the place where we feel most comfortable and secure. But as we age, our surroundings change. We need to move out of our family home as we get older, sometimes into a nursing home or assisted living facility. This is a big change, and it can be challenging; our older family members may also find it challenging to adjust to living in a nursing home.

Most people have a family member or loved one in a nursing home, and while a lot of these people may be suffering from some chronic and debilitating health condition, it doesn’t mean there is no longer a reason for them to live. In fact, many elderly people still desire to live independent lives, maybe in one of those 55+ community homes or assisted living centers. Many elderly people would love to live with family members but fear this may happen if they can no longer care for themselves. The cost of a nursing home can be steep, and many people simply cannot afford it. If a family member would love to live with an elderly loved one but can’t afford the cost of a nursing home, it may be an option to seek assisted living care, which costs about 25% less than a nursing home does.

Things to consider before sending your Old Family Members to Elderly Homes

Sending a family member to a nursing home can be difficult for family members to do, especially if they have young children at home. The decision about whether to send your family member to an assisted living facility or to a nursing facility can be a tough one to make. The “nursing home” term is somewhat of a misnomer since some nursing homes do offer assisted living, but facilities generally offer both. You can find specially designed senior assisted living for your elders who often take care of all of their necessities, which might include food, sleep, and health. In either case, it’s essential to consider all the options before making a decision.

When you first start to consider putting your elderly mom or dad in an assisted living facility, it can be a tough decision. After all, there’s no telling who your elderly loved one will upset, who’s likely to back out at the last minute, and who will simply take offense at being separated from you. Elderly homes or assisted living centers are full of people in their 90s and 100s. That is a significant age gap when it comes to people and their families. For some people, sending their loved ones to an elderly home is the best option. For others, it just isn’t possible or wise.

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