Hey there! I’m Harriet and this is a blog dedicated to all moms out there who need a bit of guidance with their family life! 

As you can see my blog is named after a vineyard I visited with my husband on our first trip to Europe and I thought it was fitting because sometimes we moms need a large glass of wine at the end of a busy day!

My blog is all about family and leading a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. I love my kids and husband (even if they do drive me crazy!) and all I want is to make sure that they all have a happy and healthy life. So I have separated sections so you have a bit of self-care for yourself and then a bit for your family and hopefully, you’ll find some things to be relatable and helpful.

A little bit more about me is that I am from the States and I have four beautiful children. My husband and I have a nice little house and we spend most of our time juggling school runs, recitals, and afterschool activities with a busy and full household. Occasionally my husband and I get to go on a little getaway vacation such as when we went to France but it usually does go to more grown-up places that we would not take the kids right now!

I have a blast with my family and I can’t wait for you to read my blog and get some great tips on how you can navigate your own family and personal life!